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As an educational therapist, my commitment is to work with the whole child, supporting their intellectual, as well as emotional, well-being. I create a safe, relaxed and fun environment where the student can immediately begin experiencing success. I help them to understand both their wealth of strengths as well as areas of difficulty in order to better navigate their worlds.

I am a learning specialist in private practice in San Rafael, California, working one-on-one with students of all ages. I specialize in a multisensory structured language approach to teach reading and writing skills. Research has shown this to be the most effective method – it is systematic, direct, and diagnostic and is aimed at the intellect of the child. I use the same principles when teaching students study skills, math skills, and when providing general homework support.

I have experienced positive results with students of all ages, and I am particularly interested in early intervention with children in kindergarten and 1st grade where these methods have been shown to be highly effective.

My dog Bumps is a fourteen-year-old labradoodle who was trained as a therapy dog. He sits by the student’s side and is there to support each child with an accepting presence as well as the occasional moment of comic relief.

I believe that parent involvement and understanding of the work we do is essential and I often invite parents to assist at home, especially with reading fluency practice. An important part of my job is helping parents understand more about their child’s learning profile - their strengths and their challenges.

As students develop and master basic academic skills, their confidence grows. They start to experience success and see themselves as capable learners. One of the most satisfying extensions of the work I do is watching a child find self-acceptance and self-understanding as they see their own achievements expand and develop.


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